Browser Compatibility - Sidebar Tabs (Twitter)

  • Hi, I am Jo Bezerra and I'm from Brazil. I would like to say thank you for this beautiful browser. It's really beautifull! It's my new one browser! But I can't stop in thinking about the how has been displayed the Twitter in Vivaldi. I can explain: I'm using the tabs in a right sidebar. It's so amazing! In all other websites, the Vivaldi can understand the layout, capture and then can fit with the sidebar tabs in perfect harmony, but when I connect to Twitter, it shows like this: [attachment=3473]vivaldi.png[/attachment] I have to use the bottom bar to show the website's right side. I'm sorry if I bothering for nothing, but I can't look this away. Please help me! I don't know anything... if that is a Twitter's site question or a browser issue due to my install. Or even if that is only a Twitter problem. Maybe there are some another website. Thank you for you commitment and I'm sorry for anything! Attachments: [img][/img]

  • You can choose between:

    1. shrink the tab bar (I use a very small one, but I don't use tab previews)
    2. move the tabs up or down in settings
    3. resize the page to fit in the screen (forcing it to stay inside: ctrl+wheel mouse up/down)

    There's not an autohide for tabs yet, so can happen that some sites need more space (and so the scroll bar show itself).

  • Thank you, Hadden89!!! (3) I didn't know that I could resize every website with my custom size this way. Easy!
    Hahah It's seem a CM!

    Oh… That's why the Twitter seems like that....

    Hadden89, this issue only happens in the Twitter's Homepage. Inside everything is in harmony.

    I'ts just the start but I'm in love with Vivaldi. I can't wait for the new features comes up! Thank you!


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