Small and Narrow Text/Content [Solved]

  • I really enjoy using Vivaldi but the small and Narrow text is starting to make this browser unusable for me. Doing some basic search in the forum I see other have stated similar results but I'm not finding any real fix to my problem. Here are some examples: Any help would be appreciated! Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

  • Vivaldi Team

    Using Windows 10 perhaps? Try deleting the ChromeDWriteFontCache in Vivaldi's profile folder.

  • Moderator

    You are using some Insider (testing) version of Windows 10?
    Deleting the ChromeDWriteFontCache in Vivaldi profile may help.
    1. In Explorer open %LOCALAPPDATA%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default
    2. Delete file ChromeDWriteFontCache
    3. Start Vivaldi

  • Also can you launch this command from a command prompt and share the resulting reg_fonts.txt somewhere?


    reg query "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts" >reg_fonts.txt

  • I just notice something…

    On my Windows 7 x64 Work desktop I have this Narrow/Small text problem. But on my Windows 10 Home Laptop I don't have this problem. Everything looks good. Perhaps an issue with Windows 7??

  • For the record pettern confirmed that his suggestion worked on one affected machine.

  • Solved the issue for me too, finally!

  • For the record, here's the original, more informative (but now closed somehow) thread on the subject:

  • @rseiler:

    For the record, here's the original, more informative (but now closed somehow) thread on the subject:

    An unsolved thread with more people sharing a problem isn't anywhere informative as one with few messages and the right solution.

    There isn't an "original" thread. There where two clone threads, started by different people. I closed the one with no solution. And I left open the solved one.

    Occam's razor law.

  • Not following you in the slightest. It's almost as if you're talking about a different thread.

    The other is the first one about the issue. Therefore, the original.

    It had helpful screenshots showing the issue and much more specifically discussed the problem. For example, this thread didn't even identify that it was a problem in Windows 10 Insider Builds (as of a certain generation)!

    That thread also identified the specific workaround (disabling DirectWrite) and later mentioned that updated builds of Vivaldi worked around the problem, making that workaround unnecessary.

    It also put the problem in context by mentioning other products that shared the same problem. It also included a Feedback link to notify Microsoft of the issue, which could have been very important if it was a fix that needed to be made in the OS.

    Yet that thread was closed because it offered "no solution" and since it was a "clone." Yes, the issue is now solved, but my purpose in linking to the other thread is that it had essentially 100% of the relevant information about the problem over time, while this meager thread had basically none by comparison.

  • #1 The last time I checked problems weren't covered by the copyright

    #2 On the other thread where discussed many possible solution that proved not effective (including one which ad your unpleasant reply in return).

    '#3 If the problem is now prevented on newer builds, the problem is fixed at the root and both threads will be useless.

    #4 the other thread is still accessible, is not deleted nor hidden, as is not deleted your link to it. The seach button is still there, google or bing are still there.

    '#5 The problem was actually solved because I asked about it to Pettern (which is a Senior Vivaldi, and ex Opera dev, FYI) and because he had the right intuition, not because the old discussion.

    #6 The discussions about the moderation aren't allowed in public form in any forum for a reason. Nevertheless I decided to reply politely to your question. But that said I don't mind to go further transforming a concise and effective thread in a pointless discussion. Your doubts were answered twice, so please stop here. Thanks.


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