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  • Hello Vivaldi Team! Your browser is great but I'm facing a weird bug: the browser's page is appearing a little bit blured, like misaligned by 1 pixel. It seems like the window hadn´t rendered itself at its final. The problem was noticed some minutes after the first run (just after install and run at first time) and now it's constant. Another way to try a better understand of this is imagine a screen functioning at very low vertical-frequency rates. It seems like we set the screen monitor to 40Hz or less... My Hardware: - Windows x64 in a i7 Processor - Dual Monitors LCD 21" and 23" - nVidia 970 card - 32Gb RAM - SSD Samsung - Kaspersky Internet Security + AntiMalware Bytes - All system up to date (drivers and so forth). I hope you can detect and solve this. Vivaldi is a great browser and I would like to change my Chrome to it. Best regards.

  • Strange issue… you can try these to see if it helps (are specific for font rendering, but could work).

    (copy and paste in url bar+enter)


  • Thank you for the advise.

    But it seems the newer version had solved this, without ANY change made here.
    I'm using now the version 1.1.453.52 - and before I was utilizing the most recent and stable version.

    Anyway, thanks for your help.

  • Hi Hadden89.

    Today Vivaldi Browser started AGAIN with a "blur" effect in screen.
    So, I applied the "vivaldi://flags/#lcd-text-aa" control, ENABLING it.

    It seems has solved the problem. The fonts are clear and the blur effect had disappeared,

    Thank you for your tip.
    Kind regards,


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