Hotkey to toggle javascript?

  • Any idea if Vivaldi might make it possible to turn javascript on/off with a keypress? The feature to enable/disable images is very nice, but I'd like to do this with other features, like javascript and videos. An example use would be if you click a link to read an article at some blog or news site, the page loads far enough to read, then you hit a key to disable javascript and prevent any popovers or social media overlays or videos or other other nags. Or, conversely, while browsing with javascript off, a page fails to load so you hit a key and enable the scripts it needed. Or maybe you want to save a facebook post for later so you open it in another tab then disable javascript so the tab won't gradually eat more RAM and sound off additional notification bells when facebook tries to send notifications. I'm hoping to basically have a "Web 1.0" mode which can be toggled via keypress, where the browser does HTML/CSS/images/cookies... but not much else. Many sites work fine with only old tech, and some even work better when the fancy parts are turned off. Plus, it can greatly reduce CPU/RAM use. But it's still nice to be able to turn the other stuff on when necessary.


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