Can't use folding@home Chrome client

  • Hi I would like to use Vivaldi as my main browser and uninstall Sleipnir. But at the moment Vivaldi is not letting me use the folding@home chrome client ( When I try and run it in Vivaldi I get the message "Warning: PNaCl module failure, fatal", followed by a popup which says "We're sorry, we could not load Folding@home in your browser. Are you using the Google Chrome browser version 31 or newer? Have you enabled NaCl? Is NaCl debugging disabled? After making changes did you restarted your browser? Are you connected to the Internet?" I have done what it says about enabling NaCI, and I can't see any other issues. Also, when I visit the webstore it says the folding client is already installed, but it's not listed when I go to extensions. The same is true of Sleipnir, but folding works in that browser. Can you help me get it working in Vivaldi please? 🙂 It's looking like a good browser as it develops - I've had the development versions for about three months, and watched it progress. Keep up the great work. London88

  • As far as I can remember you are the second user that asks about the NACL support in over an year.

    Na CL si not enabled in Vivaldi, and the last time I asked (informally) to one of the devs there were no projects about it.

    That said doesn't mean the it will never come, but just that is not an high priority task in the todo list.


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