Browser History Improvements

  • The browser history is below the standard set by the rest of the browser. Example features lacked: [ol] [li]Limit history searches to a specific region of time.[/li] [li]Sort history by visit frequency, first visit, most recent visit, etc. [/li] [li]Open multiple history items at the same time.[/li] [li]Preserve history tab state when opening a history item[/li] [/ol] These problems are further compounded by a clash in visual language/aesthetic between the history view and other UI, it feels out of place. In my view Firefox does a good job with its history, you get a simple sidebar view with Ctrl-H and a more powerful view by opening the dedicated Bookmark Manager window from the application menu, but I have no doubt that this could be improved on.

  • Moderator

    All good points, and because it's an internal page, like Help, About, zoom does not work.

    Clearly, some TLC is needed for the Bookmarks Manager and the History Page.

    I would prefer a History Panel, like Opera 12.17 with folders for Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, and Older.


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