Unknown connections at startup

  • Hello, as a former Opera user I would love to use Vivaldi but at startup it tries to connect to the follwoing IP addresses: 216.58.213.x 82.221.99.x (as I understand this is the Vivaldi update server) 93.184.220.x 66.225.197.x 172.217.x.x (seen with 1.0, not 1.1 so far) (last two are Google DNS servers seen sometime after startup with 1.0 but why does Vivaldi try to connect to them? It should use my DNS servers) What's going on here? I've already disabled all connection-related options under vivaldi://settings/. Is there anything else under vivaldi://flags/? Maybe Google Payments options? The only acceptable connections at startup to me are: Vivaldi update check Extensions update check Best regards, yafu


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