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  • Howdy, I am new to vivaldi, haven't dug into any of the customization features, but i do like the more-information-centric design of showing you how big websites are and how many items have loaded. very nice feature. It was quite a big surprise then to download something and not see the speed or any other information about the download shown. Might be useful to see which mirror is downloading so you don't click it again if it didn't work, or maybe just for fun, how fast it's going without doing mental math. Why is this not a thing? Seems like a glaring omission considering you go out of your way in other areas of the browser to show MORE info not less... In all seriousness, I noticed this in 5 mins and thought it's important enough to google and look for and write about it. Do you all not think it's worth a little code? Thanks for your time and insights. Please keep up the good work.

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    If you had spent another five minutes reading the forum, you might have figured out why trivial features like this are not a top priority. Vivaldi is still on version 1.1 not version 42 like Firefox, or 36 like Opera.

    If you right-click a download you can copy the download address.

    http://www.tracker-software.com/downloads/PDFXVE6.zip?key=ba0d2dbf07b5a1a9c05a0136cb8e8624, etc.

    I don't think it would take much programming effort to show this information in the GUI, but for now I would rather the developers devote most of their effort to getting the important features implemented, like the email client, RSS feeds, customisable mouse gestures, and many other things. Cosmetic features like download speeds and time remaining don't actually speed up the downloads, and you know already how long it is likely to take based on the file size and your connection speed.


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