Please no US only bunch of unwanted bookmarks

  • I install Vivaldi with high hopes after reading about it on Ars Technica. I go to work, want to add my first bookmark in this browser of European origin, what do I see? A bunch of US centered only bookmarks that I don't ask for! You write you are there for the users, but you do the same as all, you spam me with US sites I don't ask for. How about starting to show you're a European company by providing European bookmarks. And secondly: don't drop all these bookmarks on new users. I am a 'nerd' that is not interested in any of these things. I don't care about 'entertainment', etc. So please: 1) offer people a choice if they want any of your suggested bookmarks instead of just dumping them on the users 2) offer people bookmarks from their region instead of only US bookmarks. Not everybody is into the agressive US dominance.

  • Where are you from?

    Many countries have already some custom settings while others have yet to get them, so i guess vivaldi defaults to "international" bookmarks that often has an american origin

    Feel free to contact the moderator Shpankov to suggest any relevant default bookmark for your country.

  • I think, the guys owning the sites behind of those bookmarks pay for them being dropped on you and Vivaldi finances itself through that. That's the business model, if I did understand it correctly.

  • It takes less than 10 seconds to delete all of them. As someone else said, I believe it's also apart of Vivaldi's business model that allows them to continue to operate and develop the browser and its features.


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