Bug in settings behaviour

  • When I open tools->settings and close the browser before closing settings, the settings 'panel' stays alive. When I close settings and try to re-open the browser, it starts with settings 'panel' and I cannot find a way to open a page. Maybe it's something stupid that I haven't discover yet but I uninstalled & re-installed the browser to continue. PS. I'm thrilled about Vivaldi!

  • Had the same behaviour in mine.
    all you have to do is (in win7) to get rid of Vivaldi folder in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local.
    You will loose what you already saved though.

  • Another bug in settings that I've come across is with deleting cookies. I deleted some one by one and then tried to delete all. Nothing happened and the cookies appeared to still be there. However, when restarting the browser and going back to the settings window, the cookies had indeed been removed.

  • Hi
    I also have the same problem.
    I do not want to lose any information nor settings, so I am still looking how to start it.
    All I could find is the ways it cannot be started:
    pressing rigt mouse button on quick menu and choosing any link;
    reopening few times;
    looking and changing settings.
    Also before this accident i found that hot keys sometimes changes themselfs even after setting them up.
    Thank you.

  • Found in forums. Works.



    • I closed browser with setting page still open. I cannot restart browser, only setting page was opening 😞 . I had to uninstall / reinstall

    Looks at Setting page as at normal browser window with non standard content. Just press Ctrl-N, to open normal window, and close Setting page before next restart 🙂

  • "Just press Ctrl-N, to open normal window, and close Setting page before next restart "
    So, Ctrl-N re-opens browser. Problem solved - Thanks!

  • Moderator

    Thanks for your reports. This bug is known and will be gone in next update. 😉


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