Can't add new sub-folder to existing folder in Bookmarks bar

  • I may be missing something, but when a bookmarks folder is selected as the one to appear in the Bookmarks Bar, which I'll call the BFSBB for clarity, there doesn't seem any way to add a new sub-folder to an existing folder, as the BFSBB does not appear in the Bookmarks list in the sidebar panel.

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    That's very odd. All of my folders appear in the panel, the bookmark manager, and when applicable, the bookmark bar, and the speed dial page.

    Do you have a screen shot, or can you explain in detail how you managed to hide that folder from the side panel? I was not aware that was possible.

  • Attached screen shot shows folder Active in the Bookmarks Bar but not in the Bookmarks Panel.

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    Attached screen shot shows folder Active in the Bookmarks Bar but not in the Bookmarks Panel.

    This doesn't show the whole bookmark panel. Did you look at the BOTTOM of the panel for the folder "Active?" If you "sent to" instead of "used as" the "Active" folder as bookmark bar, you will see it at the bottom of the bookmark panel. If you want to see it in its regular place, you need to "use as."

    Now, you need to go where it is, and drag it back where you want it to be.

  • "Active" does not appear at the bottom of the Bookmarks Panel, or anywhere else except as its contents being the Bookmarks Bar. So I can't go back to where it is, or even where it once belonged. And, I have no idea of what you mean by "sent to" or "used as." These terms do not appear in the Bookmarks window of Settings. Where can I find these settings?

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    You can right-click a folder in the bookmark panel or the bookmark manager and select from the context menu, "Set as Bookmark Bar" or "Send to Bookmark Bar."

    I guarantee you your "Active" folder is present among your bookmarks. Have you used the bookmark search utility to find it? I suspect you must have accidentally moved it into another folder.

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    And did you look in your trash folder? It could be there. If so, you can simply drag it out to wherever you want it.

  • Thanks, I found it in Search but there was no way of revealing where it is. That would help. The only way I managed to get it back to the Bookmarks Panel was to copy it in the Search list and paste it back into the BP. Dreadful, needs fixing, as does the enormous and random listing of the multitude of BM folders in Preferences -> Tabs. Yuk. Maybe I'll wait until Vivaldi gets finished and see if these terrible UI issues have been fixed. Right now it's very unresolved.

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    Yeah. I noticed Search doesn't give you a location or an option to "open containing folder" or some such. That needs work, as do a number of features of bookmark handling and editing.

    Regardless, it's been rescued from its unknown location in the Bookmark Panel to a known location, and that's a wonderful thing. You have a nice day!

  • Thanks for your help. I hope Vivaldi improves its Bookmarks handling.



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