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  • I'm starting a topic to discuss missing shortcuts in the Vivaldi browser. Eg. If you want your shortcut to do something but it is impossible to configure it in the settings menu. Feel free to share and discuss all your ideas and have a great day. I'm missing a shortcut for cycling between found results on website. I search through ctrl + F but when I find multiple answers I don't have the possibility to cycle through them. What do you guys think?

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    F3 and Shift F3 work for me. You can change them in Settings, Keyboard, Page, Find next in page.

    The keyboard shortcuts that I miss are mnemonic shortcuts. In Opera 12.17, I have shortcuts like this:

    v, v = Execute program, "O:\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe"

  • Thanks, I did not know that even existed. 🙂 Is there a shortcut to close the search window?

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  • Thank you. Sorry for being n00b.

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    It's a useful topic. Opera 12.17 has loads of commands, and it also has a very useful quick find feature in the settings so that one can quickly discover which commands are available to be assigned, and which commands are already assigned. Vivaldi needs something like this.


    With just four categories: Window, View, Tab, and Page, it's already difficult to find the command that you want, and even harder to find the command that's already assigned to a shortcut that you want to use.

    One command that I miss from Opera is the Zoom to percent commands. I use 1 for zoom to 100% and 2 for zoom to 200% with my default zoom set to 120%

    The commands can also be piped to create toggles like:

    Zoom to, 100 > Zoom to, 120

    So, pressing the shortcut (1) once will zoom to 100%, and pressing it again will zoom back to 120%

    This kind of concatenation of commands is missing from Vivaldi. It multiplies the number of commands that can be configured by a factor of two or more.


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