Feature request: dividers in bookmark sidebar

  • I love the sidebar, but I miss the ability to separate groups with divider lines, as found in Firefox and IE.

  • Bookmark dividers workaround:

    • Right click in Bookmarks and choose "Add New Folder"
    • When the details box opens for the new folder, instead of the default name (which is "New Folder"), rename it with a string of characters (like minus signs) or anything else you wish to use. Maybe "="? How About:
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  • Moderator

    This is a good workaround, but you could also use a bookmark instead of a folder then it will be functional besides being visual. I like to use dividers in Opera too, but they do take some space without having any function besides being a visual clue to the start of a new section. Try a bookmark with a Title like this:


    In Opera 12.17 the divider looks like this, and takes the same space as a folder or bookmark.



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