Качество текста

  • Здравствуйте. Вот такая проблема: Текст названий закладок (отображаются под адресной строкой) и вкладок смазан немного. Весь остальной текст в других местах четкий. В Chrome такой проблемы нет.

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    Welcome to the Vivaldi forums.

    There's a Russian Forum where you can post in your own language.

    Please post in English in this forum, or provide a translation.

    Hello. Here's the problem: Text bookmark names (displayed under the address bar), and the tabs a little blurred. The rest of the text in other areas clear. Chrome has no such problem.

  • Hi. This is translation.
    Text bookmark names (displayed under the address bar) and the tabs are a little blurred. Text in other areas is clean. Chrome has not this problem.


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