Strange posting behavior with "Preview"

  • When using Firefox 26 to edit messages, the Preview control works in a peculiar manner. If one types a message and previews it, all works OK - the preview panel opens below the entry box. But if one then edits the text in the entry box and again attempts to preview the text, the page reloads but the preview box disappears. If one again clicks the preview box, the page again reloads but the text box and preview boxes both disappear and all the material is lost (that is, there seems to be no way to go back in the browser to recover them... the back button simply takes one back to the forum thread itself). I've run into this several times now, and it's not always consistent in its behavior (eg: apparently, quoting a post's text in a reply to a post causes some variations in this behavior pattern, but it still doesn't work right). I'm not completely sure if it's a Firefox problem or a site problem, but I don't see anything like it happen on any other forum I post to using FF.

  • I'm typing in the same browser right now and I cannot duplicate the problem. You do mean while writing forum entries, correct? My writing, including editing, shows in realtime in the preview box below. Hitting back or backspace in some browsers does have unfortunate consequences sometimes. I lost my text 3 times while testing this :blink:

  • AHA! I didn't realize it updates in real time. I guess I've spent too much time on My Opera and some other forums that employ a manual previewing feature that requires re-previewing for each edit batch. Thanks…!

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