Fullscreen mode with 2 monitors

  • Hi! When I use Vivaldi in fullscreen mode (or watch a Netflix movie in fullscreen) my second monitor goes black (I can see the mouse cursor but can't do anything there). I'm running Vivaldi 1.1.453.47 in OsX 10.11.4 on a MacBook Pro Mid 2010. Is there a way to use Vivaldi in fullscreen without affecting other monitors on my system?

  • I do not think it is a Vivaldi problem; I've used Vivaldi with two monitors at home and at work (both versions are up to date) - though I am running the previous update of OSX than you are.
    I would check your display settings under preferences. If you have screen mirroring or another setting enabled that should not be that could be the problem.
    Wish I could help more

  • Thanks for your answer!

    I thought it wasn't a settings problem because Safari and Chrome worked perfectly fine in fullscreen mode. After a bit of trial and error i found the checkbox that was disabling the use of 2 monitors while having Vivaldi in fullscreen mode:

    Mission Control -> Displays have separate Spaces
    must be checked.


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