A few feature requests

  • Possible some of them have already been requested. In any case, here are my 2 cents: 1) No automatic option to select Bing as the search engine of choice. 2) RSS: The way Opera 12 used to handle this was great.. Especially the option to individually mask certain entries as "Read" or "Unread" . 3) The Ctrl+Enter feature would be appreciated. In addition, the option that Opera used to have for Ctrl+Shift+Enter for an domain alternative extension (e.g. .net) was a real timesaver. 4) Middle mouse click to open a link to a new tab 5) The option to put "/" at the end of an address and automatically fill the suffix . E,g, the user could put "opera/" and this could translate to "opera.net". If not found it would then resolve automatically opera.com 6) Right-clicking on the "+" symbol to open a private tab.


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