BUG: Moving Tab Stacks to New Windows

  • I have a problem where if I try to move an entire tab stack to a new window by using the "Move to" feature, this would break the browser. When I do this, the window where the tab stack are supposed to move to displays an empty space where the tab stack should be. Also, I am unable to switch tabs or use the browser until I close the Vivaldi and reopen it. I'm using the latest 64-bit snapshot of Vivaldi. I want to know whether anyone else is experiencing this issue.

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    Moving a tab-stack is not supported as far as I know, so it would be a missing feature rather than a bug.

    On the latest 32-bit Vivaldi on Windows 7 64-bit, the active tab is moved to a new window and the remaining tabs are still stacked in the original window, which is as expected.

  • It may not be a listed feature, but I was able to accomplish this in one of the previous snapshots. The entire tab stack would move to the new window.

    I'm testing right now. I just created a tab stack, I right clicked the tab stack (Not CTRL+Click, which selects the tab stack), and selected to move the tab to a new window. Unlike what you're saying, the single tab doesn't move, but my entire stack moves, but a blank area is displayed in the new window where the tab should be. As well, the browser ceases to function, as I am unable to switch tabs at all until I close and reopen Vivaldi.

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    I installed the 64-bit latest build, and got the same result as I did with the 32-bit build.


    • I stacked three pages from my site: (reviews for PagePlus, DrawPlus, and WebPlus)
    • I right-clicked on the stack and selected Move to, New Window

    This is the result:


  • And here are my results. I opened 3 pages from your website and stacked them, and then right-clicked the stack and selected to move them to a new window.

    As you can see in my second picture, there is an empty space where the tabs should be in the second window, Notice that the rest of the tabs also have moved from the 1st window as well, despite me only clicking to move a single tab.



    I'm going to send in a bug ticket. Since you don't seem to be experiencing the same problem, it's most likely an issue with my version of Vivaldi. I'll try reinstalling to see if that fixes it.

    Thanks for the help.

  • So I tried this on a different computer with the same 64-bit version of Vivaldi installed. However, the issue is still present when I try to move a tab from the tab stack. Vivaldi attempts to move the entire tab stack, which causes the issue I mentioned earlier.

    I tried disabling all extensions to see if there was a conflict, but the problem still occurred.

    I did however notice that if the only tabs in the window were the tab stack and I try moving them to a new window, the entire tab stack would move correctly, but the original window would close down. The issue seems to only occur when there are more tabs besides the tab stack and I try moving it to another window.


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