Vivaldi for iOS

  • Hi, Any chance of Vivaldi for iOS?

  • yes please, I second that! I've read one of the threads that it has been in the works since April 2015, are there any update on this?

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    I don't think "been in the works" would be nearly as accurate a description as "been on the developers' radar." They've had it in mind, all along. No move will be made to release a mobile version before this one is feature-complete, and rock solid, I would think. If I understand things right, iOS will be a ways off, because Apple won't allow a Chromium-based browser on their systems. It has to have a WebKit or related engine if I recall correctly. It's a shorter trip to an Android version.

  • Now that it seems highly likely that a Chinese consortium, it is imperative that Vivaldi move on the iOS side of things…

    I know and love China very well having been here 25 years, but one of the reasons I've been with Opera since 1996(ish) is because it was not a US company... I feel the same way about a Chinese Opera!...

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    Vivaldi can write a browser (and does) for Mac, no problem. However, Apple forbids any browser on iOS which is not based on the same version of WebKit that Safari uses. This makes qualifying for the Apple Store a bit of a nightmare for browsers. As Chromium is essentially a Google product, as is Android, and as the Chrome Store is wide open to all, There will be an Android version of Vivaldi long before there will be (if ever) an iOS version.

  • It would be great if iOS version is available. I am currently use Vivaldi on my MBP.


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