Mousewheel-click followed by spatial navigation opens two new tabs in background!

  • Don't remember seeing anything about this before so I filed it straight away as a bug: 1) Open a page 2) mousewheel-click a link ("link 1") to open a background tab 3) use spatial navigation (e.g. SHIFT-DOWN) to highlight a different link ("link 2") 4) use spatial navigation (CTRL-ALT-ENTER) to open link 2 in a background tab The first page opens in one tab (with highlighted link 2), link 1 opens in a background tab, link 2 opens in another background tab, but link 1 opens again in yet another background tab! Then for every spatial-navigation opened background tab there will also be a new background tab of the first mouse-clicked link - stranger still: if you mouse-click another link after this, spatial navigation will ONLY open the previous mouse-clicked link from then on! edit: VB-16923 edit: forgot to mention that if you only use spatial navigation then everything works as expected - it's only if you mix the mouse and the spatial navigation that things get weird...

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