Tab-color based on meta-themecolor and favicons

  • tl;dr: "site-color themed tabs" is really misleading, when only the active tab (or the tab-bar) are colored instead of..well..the tabs. So i saw the videos and feature list stating site-colored tabs and was instantly awe. Like, "honestly, what a great idea! How did nobody come up with it before. Tabs in the color of the site for super easy navigation and quick recognition. Great!". I really expected to have a zoo of colors at the top of my browser, matching the theme of the site, possibly fading slightly in contrast as they become inactive. Let's just say the more i digged through the options, the more it took quite the anticlimactic turn. And don't get me wrong, the coloring works quite okay for the most part. Facebook is blue, reddit is grey, whatsapp web Well okay, but all in all its working fine. But all it does is color the active tab. I can set it to color the whole tab-bar instead, but how is that useful? It's nice and clean and all, but Vivaldi was promoted as tool for the power doesn't necessarily be neat and tidy after customization. I digged around the style-sheets and inspected the Vivaldi App, but the css-class that colors everything 'in theme', gets set to only holds the theme-color of the current tab and the theme-colors of the other tabs seem to be nowhere accessible referenced or stored. Cheers! Oh and maybe I'm alone on this, but p*rnhub really should be recognized as toned orange instead of pure black.


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