Please make it happen!

  • I learned about Vivaldi completely by accident. There was a little headline on a general interests portal I frequent about some new browser. As an Opera 12 user, I tend to click such things in vain hope that one day the true Opera will resurface on the murky ocean of the Internet. And it did! I beg you, make this project work! I really need to switch from Opera 12. It's the year 2015 after all and Opera is not in development anymore for quite some time already. Instead, we got yet another clone of Chrome. Please bring back all the things that we all loved in Opera. There already is tab stacking, the most important feature for me personally. Is it possible to make it work like in Opera 12 (a group of tabs "extends" when double-clicked)? It would be a life saver. If it's not too much to ask, could you please allow smooth migration for Opera users? I'd love to be able to migrate my speed dial (btw, it's a fantastic idea to add speed dial folders) and mail options as easily as it's possible with bookmarks. Vivaldi is still a mere tech preview but it already makes great impression on me. Let me fetch you several dozens of new users 🙂

  • Hi, the same for me. I loved Opera, it was the best browser available, although it was targeted mostly to tech users. There is no browser with similar funcionality available now - chrome doesn't know anything, ChrOpera is slightly better but still in shadow of its predeccessor. I'll try to use the Vivaldi as much as possible, since it has already overeached functions of mentioned browsers.
    Thanks for the initiative.


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