Vivaldi Crash how to make it usable again

  • Hi ive been using vivaldi for a day and everything was easy until i opened a bookmark to open a tab for 20 links Vivaldi then crashed. Afterwards i have not been able to see a vivaldi browser window open The menu bar says it is working but no still no browser window Is there a fix for this? I have tried deleting the app then installing a fresh new app but still no changes as it still has the settings installed into my mac. I have tried looking and combing through the forums for ways to delete the settings but there is nothing. Can anyone help me out here in making vivaldi work again? I am currently using MAC OSX El Kapitan

  • I had a similar problem a few weeks ago. After trying a few other things, what eventually worked for me was to reboot my Mac. So you should definitely give that a try if you haven't done so already.

  • I tried it and still did not work.


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