That Update Dialog…

  • I was in the middle of a video when I received my first update request from Vivaldi. I'm really digging the browser but that was extremely jarring. Is there any way to make that more "in the background" or at least give me the option to update later? I was only presented with, Update Now & Don't Upgrade. I might understand if it were a major security update and if this was, cool. But maybe say that if it's the case.

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    I have never seen this dialogue. It always offers the option to Skip and install later.

    Were you using only Vivaldi 1.0 final and got the option to upgrade to 1.1 or have you been installing the Snapshots?

    There was a security update to 1.0 soon after it was released. If you have not launched Vivaldi since installing the initial release, you might be seeing a different dialogue now.

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