2 simple features to add to the broswer

  • Hey, First of all, I just want to say great job on this browser. I had been using Chrome for so many years now and I finally managed to find a browser which managed to surpass it, whether it be in terms of design, personalization or functionality. There are just 2 little things that are constantly bugging me: 1. Whenever I'm on youtube watching a video in fullscreen, the mouse pointer doesn't disappear, it says on screen. The only way for me to make it disappear is to drag it to the side of the screen, which is a bit of a bummer since I keep forgetting to do that. 2. I've searched all across the settings of the browser and I just can't find any option to make it so that Vivaldi doesn't keep asking me to save my passwords. I don't like to save my passwords but it keeps asking me to do it everytime I log in somewhere, which is really annoying. If you could implement these 2 functionalities, I would be very pleased :)

  • Hi,

    re 1) I didn't run across this kind of problem in Vivaldi 1.1.453.45 (Developer Build) (64-bit) on Windows 7 x64. I guess it would be some custom problem. Also I shoudl mention I use extension Magic Actions for YouTube.

    Try to answer/do:
    1.1) Vivaldi / OS Version
    1.2) Check Flash PPAPI version, or update to latest. This link can help .
    1.3) Same problem with other flash videos? Or just on YouTube.

    re 2) Open this link to change setting (sure it should be easier than that)

    ```Uncheck **Offer to save …**
    Hope it helps.

  • My Youtube doesn't run with flash, it runs with HTML5.

    Thanks for the suggestion on the passwords, not the most elegant solution but it worked anyway.

  • Hi,

    on my configuration also HTML5 is not making problem. So:

    • does control dissapear and only mouse cursor is there?
    • what Vivaldi/OS version do you have?
    • it it problem only on YouTube, or any HTML5 video then?
    • check it in private window
    • try install latest release as standalone and check it on clean installation

  • 1- Yes, the controls disappear, only the cursor stays
    2- I have Vivaldi 1.1.453.47 (Stable channel) (32-bit) version
    3- I tried other HTML5 video players and the problem remains.
    4- Same thing on private window
    5- Just tried to install the 64 bit version, problem remains.

  • I've mentioned #1, the mouse cursor not disappearing a while ago, and mentioned it so many times and then stopped, but thank you for mentioning it, because I hope it raises some more attention to it.

    Opera at least makes the cursor disappear for fullscreen YouTube videos, just not other site's videos.

    The other thing about fullscreen videos that bothers me in Vivaldi is the transition going into fullscreen. It lags so much compared to other Chromium browsers. Out of all Chromium browsers, Opera does it best. It's fast and not so laggy at all. Out of all browsers in general, Safari for Mac does it best with a smooth and fluid animation that makes the experience very convenient and not tedious at all. Firefox also does a nice job of it as well.

  • Hi,

    so I read few articles about similar problem in many browsers with HTML5 video. In my configuration it works in YouTube just fine. But on some different HTML5 videos I've had problem with mouse cursor auto-hide. This behavior appears on many sites for many users.

    So I guess the best way here, is to add specific topic in forum for this bug, but also fill bug report -> Report a Bug.

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