List of incompatible extensions

    • Gif Delayer: Actually it works, but it could mess with some images: for example on wikia, the photos aren't shown (extension hook and break them; seen on chrome debugger). However, should be a chromium related issue. [Latest 1.5 Stable]

  • Screencastify

    Works if you use the "Desktop" option for recording. Trying to record just a tab usually results in an error, "Failed to start recording".

    Still useful! Just less convenient without tab specific recording.

  • Tumblr Collage
    Should show the posts in a tumblr blog in a collage view.
    However it doesn't show any extension button.
    [Vivaldi 1.6 Stable]

    [Fixed in 1.7 Stable]

  • The extension "Ember Inspector" was working fine (on the snapshot version) until some time ago (about two or three updates), where it stopped being able to recognise Ember apps as such*. It is still working fine on the latest Chromium.

    Actually, it shows the icon indicating the Ember app, but when you tried to load the inspector, it can't find it.

  • @mianl07
    And anybody else. History Eraser 4.7.0 is working flawlessly on Vivaldi 1.6.689.46 (stable)

  • Super Auto Refresh

    If i wasn't lazy, i'd edit my personal log notes into a brief summary here... but i am lazy, so copy & paste it is instead:

    "26/11/16: A few days ago i made a major discovery, i think, in the longterm hassle with Vivaldi getting laggier & laggier when successive updates are overlaid to the same profile, historically forcing me eventually to have to build a new clean profile [historically i must have had to do this maybe a dozen times, & it's a PAIN].

    One major form this lagginess has taken is that scrolling pages, either manually with the scroll bars, or semi-automatically with the middle [wheel] button care of Extension "Autoscroll", suffers increasing frequency & duration of "pauses" before scrolling resumes. It's infuriating, & really slows browsing down.

    Another major symptom is that when watching video streaming, every couple of minutes the images freeze for a few seconds, whilst the sound continues. It's annoying in general, but particularly decimates sub-titled movies. These become nonviable, as i miss key translations whilst the sound moves on, then when the pause stops the video jumps ahead to catch up again. It's hopeless.

    My discovery was to speculate that possibly the SAR extension's periodic refreshes of its designated pages [which i'd set to be every couple of minutes for some of my permanent tabs], might be stealing sufficient V resources to cause these scrolling & video pauses. I tested this idea by disabling [not yet deleting] this extension. Since then, the pauses seem to have really dramatically reduced, both in frequency & duration. It's not perfect, but thus far it seems to be a BIG IMPROVEMENT.

    11/1/17: UPDATE: Since my original note, for other reasons i have created a fresh profile at least once [with SAR not installed at all now]. For many many weeks now, V SS & Stable have been wonderful; the lagginess & pausing [scrolling & streaming] have GONE. Thus, SAR, hitherto a mainstay extension for all my chromium-based browsers, is clearly incompatible with Vivaldi... sadly it took me at least a year to realise this!!"

    Tower's SSD = Linux Mint 17.3 x64 KDE 4.14.2 [< 26/9/16]; now Maui 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.4.
    Lappy's SSD = Linux Mint 18 x64 Xfce+Compiz [< 25/12/16]; now Maui 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.4.

  • Bulk Download Images (ZIG)
    Is the same extension stated as working in the first post

    Essentially an image grabber.
    The extension works, but it seems to have issues grabbing from a lot of tabs (multi-tab mode) in the newer builds. Probably (partially) broken by newer chromium updates.
    [Vivaldi 1.6 Stable]

    [Now works. Don't sure what did the magic]

  • Data Saver causes the browser to force close when right-mouse clicking an image.

  • Shodan
    It is starting to run but suddenly disappears from the bar.

  • Video DownloadHelper & Xmarks

  • Moderator

    @urgo: XMarks, which I use all the time every day is not incompatible. It can be finicky because of our unique database structure, but as long as you only try to sync bookmarks and nothing else, start in the first place with upload from Vivaldi, not sync, it works just fine.

  • uMatrix
    While it works, the option popup doesn't scroll and doesn't even have scroll bar if the list really long. These samples on
    Google Chrome:
    Vivaldi [stable|snapshot]:
    On Vivaldi, the option popup height will resize up to Vivaldi maximized window size. If Vivaldi window is small; then the popup will be cut.

    Vivaldi 1.6.689.46 64bit & Vivaldi 1.7.735.11 64bit
    Debian sid amd64

  • A few extensions consult Chromium/Chrome toggle,
    Ask where to save each file before download (vivaldi://chrome/settings)
    instead Vivaldi,
    Always Save Files to Default Download Location

    • uBlock0
      If the toggle Ask where to save each file before download not on, uBlock0 Back up to file will save directly to whatever Download folder was set without question. Regardless what the state Vivaldi Always Save Files to Default Download Location setting. Expected behaviour, it originally ask "Save as".
    • Bulk Downloader
      (These only some of them)

    All of these extensions are working as suppose to be.

  • The theme creator doesn't work. I would love it if you could make it work in this browser. I like to have the option for different themes than just plain colors.

  • @illinoisgal
    You mean this one?
    Theme Creator
    Of course it doesn't work.
    To accommodate features on Vivaldi; Vivaldi need to re-built some parts from bottom up. One of that is tab & windows. Any extensions that alter/tweak tabs/windows won't work.

    I predict Vivaldi will have own theme mechanism due there's already coloring settings built in.

  • Moderator

    Re: Theme Creator et al:

    Such extensions are a lame excuse for what you will be able to do in Vivaldi once we get rolling.

    Vivaldi has an entire UI layer that runs in a separate process from the Chromium core, and is unrelated to Chromium - written in an entirely different set of languages. Therefore anything that will work on a Chromium UI cannot do anything, as that UI is absent in Vivaldi.

    Part of the entire reason for the existence of this UI layer is to make an essentially infinite array of customizations possible, much like we used to see in OldeOpera, where one could write, install and modify "skins," which introduced wholesale changes to the UI - changing the styles, shapes, sizes, colors, transparencies and positions of basically every element of the UI. Another part of that modification scheme was the ad hoc ability in addition to the skinning scheme, to, in seconds, add, hide, or reposition everything - every toolbar, header, footer, panel, button, spacer, label, text box, etc. That is the direction Vivaldi is headed. Already, Vivaldi natively does things that the infinitely flexible OldeOpera could not - zoom the UI, modify the hue, brightness and saturation of UI colors on the fly (Opera's color scheme was quite limited as to what one could do without applying an entirely new skin), take screenshots, apply temporary page actions, etc.

    I used OldeOpera as my default browser for nearly a decade, and still never really discovered some of the stuff it had, which Vivaldi also has (but more transparently so), but which I now use in Vivaldi - So when the other possible modifications are added as planned, you could literally use the browser for a lifetime and never figure out all of the things you could do with it after you once perfected it to your own needs, and fell into a comfortable routine.

  • @Ayespy -- ooh, exciting!

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