Last version running on Windows XP?

  • 1.1.453.47 won't install, does anyone know which version was the last to run on Win XP? my "friends" at won't tell. thanks

  • 1.0 stable.
    New chromium engines doesn't support xp/vista anymore so since Vivaldi 1.1 the support was dropped for these systems.

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    There were two or three snapshots after 1.0 stable and before the first 1.1 RC, before the team announced the switch to Chromium 50. I believe those all would install on XP, and had some good improvements over 1.0.

  • True :)
    Latest for xp here

  • For the record I tried to install the current Vivaldi on XP skipping the block of the installer, just to test if "unsupported" was just cautelative or if really Vivaldi 1.1 does not run at all.

    Unfortunately for you, the second option is the right one.

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