Tab Cycler aka switcher could be much better / customizeable

  • Long term Opera user here, switched to ff when they screwed it all up..... Anyways in the tab cycler 1. The icons IMO should be much larger 2. the blue border is hardly visible on the dark background ( I know this can be customized) 3. The icons could optionally be next to Title. Right now the tab cycler IMO isn't useful at all, it makes switching tabs slower for me at least.

  • I replied to your comment on the blog on what I would like to see in the tab cycler as well. Here it is:

    I want a vertical list tab cycler that works exactly as Opera 12 did. The way to do that is:

    -Have a vertical list option, plus option to have a thumbnail beside.
    -Be able to customize keyboard shortcuts of cycling through tabs in the tab cycler. Right now in Vivaldi, you can go left and right through tabs with a custom keyboard shortcut, but not in the tab cycler, and that's annoying.
    -Have right-click and scroll through tabs enabled, but WITHOUT also having tab bar scroll enabled, just like O12.

    O12 had an amazing tab cycler, and I would like Vivaldi to imitate it completely.


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