Increase font size of changelog page

  • Hi Vivaldi, Your should increase the font size of the changelog page from 12px to 16px. This changes help us to see the text better given that is using a black (dark) background which makes the text harder to see. Thanks You

  • Shouldn't even be px in the first damned place! Does the term "WCAG" ring a bell? Accessibility minimums? EM?!?

    That ANY of the fonts on the site are declared in pixels means the people doing the design work aren't qualified to be making websites in the first place!!!

    Admittedly, I had the same complaint about Opera's website… the browser that used to care about standards and accessibility, on a website that frankly was a giant middle finger to same. It's kind of sad to see Vivaldi following that same path.

  • true true. should be i either em or rem.

  • The changelog page was originally only intended to be shown in installer / updater dialogs, which explains why font sizes are like that. Now that theres a public link pointing to it, it might need some improvements. I'll find out who made it and see what we can do. Thanks for pointing this out, BTW, i'm pretty sure all fonts on the main site are in EMs

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