Mouse Gestures + Lock Tab

  • I really miss following features, hope you add in future: - Mouse Gestures - Lock some tabs

  • there are mouse gestures working. I assume you're asking about back-forward (aka rocker gestures)

  • I mean gestures like - rightClick+move down = new Tab; rightClick+move down&right = close tab etc.
    If it works, it works only sometimes or somewhere, at least it doesn't work on speed dial page which means full of bugs what can be understood in this early stage of development.
    … and by the way, loading page (try eg. is incredibly slow, there must be some problem with JS or rendering engine.
    So well done, I am going to stay tuned about this interesting project, but for now it's not prepared yet for daily use.

  • close tab works but as you said, not on the speed dial page
    new tab doesn't work yet, or at least not with "move down", which is a little bit odd, as this is probably the gesture that I use the most, but well it's a preview after all

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    +1 lock tab
    i am needing it

  • Is right click+down going to get implemented or is there a different gesture for that now?

  • Yes, locking tabs is a very nice feature. On Opera 12 I've set RMB+mouse down to lock/unlock tabs. Works very good on open websites and even on tabs itself.

  • I want RMB+scroll to switch tabs. So badly.

  • Right-click on a tab to pin it.

  • Where can I find a list of currently supported mouse gestures?
    The one I miss the most is the tab switcher: RMB+mousewheel

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