A List of Random Issues/Bugs

  • I'm running Vivaldi on Windows 8.1, and after using it for a couple of weeks, I've jotted down some issues/bugs/observations, like a lot of the new forum members. Overall, I like Vivaldi and want it to succeed, but I won't be switching from Firefox yet as I personally do not think Vivaldi in its present state is the finished article or usable day to day. 1. Speed Dial — You should be able to right-click a Speed Dial to edit it, not have to go into the Bookmarks Manager to do so. 2. Passwords — There is no way to stop Vivaldi offering to save sign-in credentials for every website visited. Don't offer me something fifty times that I didn't want the first time! 3. Downloads — The browser needs a download resume function – a big 400MB download stopped mid-way and there was nothing I could do. 4. FAQ — It would be helpful to have tool tips in the Settings so a user knows what each thing does. 5. UserCSS — I installed a scrollbar-modification script inside Stylish to change their color and make them more visible, but this breaks one particular website [http://le-grove.co.uk/], which shows on screen as not having any scrollbars at all. Okay, it's my mod. of Vivaldi, but I don't get the same problem with any other site, nor with Firefox. 6. GUI — The scrollbars need to be wider; there's minimalist and then there's unusably thin. Also it would be good if they could be easily modified (e.g. color) natively by those users not conversant with userCSS, as the light gray color (on Windows) is hard to see. 7. GUI — Zoom settings are not working: (a) site zoom settings do not seem to be remembered between visits, but zooming works (b) zooming does not work at all on internal pages, e.g. the History page, which is very small and almost unreadable on a high resolution, large screen. 8. GUI — Major commands (e.g. Go Full Screen, Clear Private Data) should be configurable to GUI buttons – one of the glories of Opera 12 was its button configurability, which neither Firefox nor Chrome can provide. 9. Notes Panel — Notes are very good, but they would be more useful still with basic formatting, e.g. bold/italics/web links. 10. Extensions [BUG] — The "Click & Clean 8.7" extension for Chrome does not work with Vivaldi. 11. Extensions [BUG] — The "Better History" extension is not working at all with Vivaldi.

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    Speed dial titles can be edited by clicking on them.


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