Open bookmarks with one click

  • To open a bookmark from the sidepanel you still have to click twice. This should be able with one click. Every other browser can do so . 😞

  • Moderator

    The developers have said they will think about this. They may also offer a drop-down menu with one-click, instead.

    Right now, the requirement for double-click is intentional. The side panel is not just to find your bookmarks, but to edit them. And trying to edit bookmarks when a single click always takes you to the bookmark destination, can be a real pain.

    For my part, my "drop down" that offers one-click access is a folder at the far left edge of my Bookmark Bar that contains all of my other bookmarks. I can click on it just like a drop down menu, hover thru the folders to the desired bookmark, and click it once.

    At least that way, I can see everything without waiting for scrolling. In the panel, I can't see everything, and I can't drop into folders by hovering.

  • Moderator

    Actually, one can open bookmarks from the side panel with a single click.

    Use middle-click to open bookmarks in the background. 😉

  • In the meantime there is a setting to open bookmarks with a single click in the bookmarks section of the preferences.


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