A handy bookmarking feature Chome has

  • Hello All In Chrome it is extremely easy to bookmark the page your in, in a folder of your choice. In other words you dont have to go sort the bookmarks afterwards. You simply click on the folder and "Add Page". I would love to see this in Vivaldi. [attachment=3394]Bookmarkingshortcut.jpg[/attachment] Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/79622/Bookmarkingshortcut.jpg[/img]

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    Vivaldi has it. It's just that the order is reversed. First click on the bookmark icon in the address bar, then select the folder from the dropdown box in the "add" dialogue.

  • Thank you for the reply. The method you explain is still cumbersome compared to Chrome.
    You still have trawl through your whole folder list if you have to add the bookmark that way.
    In Chrome you can conceptually see your folders along the bookmarks bar. It is spread out.
    Say you have a lot of folders then you don't have to scroll through all of them to add the bookmark. You can jump to that folder quickly. This is so different from all the other browsers out there that you really have to have used it to understand it.

  • For folders on the bookmarks bar, it's also possible to first navigate to the folder you want to drop your bookmark in, then select "Add active tab"

  • I basically want to request this drop down list in the pic expanded to include.
    "Add Page" - This bookmark the page you are in directly in that folder.
    "Sort" - This sort the bookmarks on the folder alphabetically.


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