[BUG] Javascript popups hang all tabs.

  • To reproduce: - Open Google calendar. - Open a Google Hangout - Get Google calendar to show you a popup. For example, another meeting. - Switch to Google calendar and hit ok on the popup. - All tabs disconnect/crash when you hit ok.

  • Just had the same issue, didn't understand at first why everything is frozen…
    Also it would be nice if the browser window indicated that we got an alert somehow.
    Chrome on Windows flashes the taskbar icon in this case.

  • If this would somehow be solved by making the popup visible in the other tab, or make the tab flash it would be better. Currently it just seems like the active tab is hanging because another tab gave a popup.

    Maybe the behaviour could be configurable: either switch to the tab, blink the tab, or just show the popup over the current tab. For any solution where the popup isn't immediately visible, it also shouldn't block the current view.

    Also, you could make configurable what should happen if you try to close the browser while a popup is open. I'd say just close it, but maybe you don't want that, especially if it was another tab that gave the popup and you didn't see it yet.

  • Try this:

    • Go into Calendar Settings
    • Look for "Notifications:" on the left side of the screen.
    • Tick the box which says "Use browser notifications instead of interruptive alerts"
    • A box will pop up asking you to allow notifications from Vivaldi (well, this happens under Linux - assume also under Windows etc).
    • Click on Allow

    This then gives you browser based alerts rather than the javascript popups.


  • Thanks, Pete!
    This is what I am using at the moment.

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