Vivaldi 1.1 is here with enhanced tab handling, better hibernation and more! - Final

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    [quote=tatsukitomita] It's hard to imagine that a little less than three weeks ago we launched Vivaldi 1.0. It seemed to strike a chord. Hundreds of articles and millions of downloads followed all over the world. It is a great feeling to see the work we have done together with you has gathered so much attention. But we are not resting. Today we're launching Vivaldi 1.1. This is a result of the feedback we've received over the last 3 weeks, to make Vivaldi even better. Read on to find out more about some of the interesting changes. We know tab handling is important for many of you, so we now have even more options. You can select opening behavior on cloned and stacked tabs. You can close all other tabs by holding Alt and clicking on the tab close button or via Quick Commands You can further adjust tab activation options upon closing a tab. For instance, you can choose whether to automatically activate the tab to the right or left. We also made tab hibernation even better. You can now choose to hibernate an entire Tab Stack. You can also select to hibernate tabs by Ctrl or Shift clicking on the tab. Speed Dials are imported from Opera 12. Hopefully, this will convince some hold-outs to try Vivaldi ;) We also updated to Chromium 50, which brings in the latest standards support. This means we no longer run on Windows XP, Vista and Mac OSX below 10.9 nor use older (less secure) plugin formats. [/quote] [url=][b]Changelog since 1.0 (build 435.42)[/b][/url] [spoiler] [li]Add an option to select opening behavior on clone tab and stacked tab: Cloned, popup or Ctrl/Shift clicked tabs open in stack by defaultVB-11537 [li]Close other tabs when holding Alt and clicking tab close button or via context menu and quick commandsVB-15157 [li]Add more tab activation options on closing a tab: e.g. the possibility to activate the tab to the left or rightVB-12674 [li]Add the possibility to hibernate/Close Tab Selection: selection can be made by Ctrl or Shift clicking tabsVB-15037 [li]Add setting to disable the URL Dropdown [li]Open selected (Ctrl or Shift) bookmark(s) with Enter keyVB-14381 [li]Add possibility to hibernate tab stackVB-13209 [li]Add possibility to import Speed dials from Opera 12VB-15036 [li][Windows] Vivaldi steals focusVB-1470 [li][Linux][Mac] Add missing setting to switch the Vivaldi UI language as on WindowsVB-15885 [li]Faster Tab Stack Creation [li]Allow the ability to Ctrl+Tab back to a "minimized" tab: also fixes dragging [li]Dark scrollbars in panels and bookmarks when Dark UI is setVB-15901 [li]Close Other Tab Doesn't deal with stacksVB-15916 [li]Group similar tabs to stack can group very different sitesVB-10110 [li]Move to New Window option should not be in tabs in Private windowsVB-15179 [li]Arrow symbol in bookmarks bar does not work properlyVB-4479 [li]Bookmarks bar list under chevron icon displays wrong itemsVB-15831 [li]Bookmarks bar is mssing New Folder context menu optionVB-15501 [li]Browser closes when using the Pocket extensionVB-14498 [li]Can not move a bookmark item to the end of list on the bookmark toolbarVB-15975 [li]Cutting from start in URL field clears URL fieldVB-15350 [li]Dropping a bookmark bar item on the bookmark bar creates a new itemVB-15907 [li]Forward and back mouse buttons operate on wrong windowVB-14952 [li]Hide tooltip when searchfield or URL field gets focused or updates [li]Improve automatic underscoring in menusVB-15349 [li]JavaScript "" causes 2 HTTP requests: Lastpass showed a blank page when opening Secure NoteVB-13931 [li]Menu key activates wrong context menu for Spatial Navigation highlighted links on windowsVB-9169 [li]Page can override Spatial Navigation indicator (e.g. [li]Radio button in toggle image menu squeezedVB-15013 [li]Renaming items on the bookmark tool bar is confusing with Title sorting enabledVB-15711 [li]Saving changes to bookmark using Enter/ReturnVB-15740 [li]Some URLs are searched instead of followedVB-14729 [li]Speed dial sorting follows bookmarks manager sortingVB-14418 [li]Tab Tiling is Cleared when StackedVB-15277 [li]Use input case when autocomplete on URL [li]Vivaldi Missing Title Case in TranslationVB-15342 [li]Large PNG or animated GIF does not display when opened directlyVB-13521 [li]Stacked tabs disappeared when disable "Tab stacking"VB-13898 [li]Emulation tab in Developer Tools is not presentVB-14710 [li]Unable to add first Note via clicking the '+' buttonVB-14960 [li]Addressbar input field box shadow in Private windowsVB-14714 [li]Alt+D shortcut activates Vivaldi menuVB-11958 [li]Bookmarks panel reports URL cannot be empty on re-openingVB-14828 [li]Can not execute bookmarklets by nick from quick commandsVB-12691 [li]Can not find some settings: search was not always working due to casingVB-13999 [li]Cutting (Ctrl+X) a URL does not include the protocolVB-14727 [li]Deleting typed URL in the adress bar doesn't fully delete it in the dropdownVB-14656 [li]Keep Speed Dial view bottom spacing with + button disabled [li]Not able to quickly go to URL with slash using custom searchVB-14981 [li]Radio buttons loose focus on changeVB-14821 [li]Speed Dial doesn't allow adding bookmarksVB-10623 [li]Style fix for search suggestVB-14831 [li]Title of Vivaldi Settings window is "Vivaldi", not "Settings"VB-3222 [li]Better transition for Ctrl+Enter (www.<input>.com) in URL field [li]URL should clip based on selection [li]Shortcuts in Vivaldi menu do not always match underscored lettersVB-15172 [li]Disable all but essential keyboard shortcuts when plugins are focussed: Workaround for clashes e.g. backspace in Flash or PDF forms.VB-15312 [li]Installer mentions Chrome in an error messageVB-14837 [li]Updated Chromium to 50.0.2661.89: With this we drop support for Windows XP, Vista and versions of MacOSX below 10.9. In addition we have disabled NPAPI plugins [/spoiler]

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