[BUG] Search with CTRL-F doesn't work

  • With this bug, this browser is useless to me :angry:

  • @streunerx:

    Without this bug browser is useless :angry:

    Perhaps what you meant to say was "With this bug, this browser is useless to me."

    The thing is, Find in Page works fine for me, so perhaps you should clarify what exactly you are doing, and which version you are using.

  • I'm on dev stream: actually installed 1.1.453.45 (Developer Build) (32-bit)

    I've found the problem:
    There were settings enabled after update "Disable All Keyboard Shortcuts" and "Disable Single Keyboard Shortcuts"
    After disabling this 2 settings everything works like before ā€¦ seems there was an problem with this settings in any release between

  • Ctrl F works fine in Vivaldi Final 1.1.
    There is no deactivation of keyboard after update.

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