Feedback of an ex opera12 user

  • Hello. After 1 hour testing : Happy to see : - Browser Speed - Speed dial - Preview tab and merging tab - Able to install without admin rights - How it integrate well in proxy and enterprise environment (quite better than any other, excepting “company” (ie) browser)) - HTML5 support on Gmail (reason why I left Opera12…) - Mouse gesture Missing to me : - Share button for mail or social network, like the one we can find now on Firefox - “Fill the form” ability, like the regret function in Opera12 if I remember well….. - [strike]Tab navigation tab with “multiple button” mouse (previous, next tab would be nice). Only keyboard shortcuts are allowed for the moment. [/strike]--> solved - Sync ability, Possible improvement? : - Sync bookmark with other browser (firefox) - Help symbol when using mouse gesture Unable to find: - How to use previously saved password? (test only on gmail) Bugs: - I closed browser with setting page still open. I cannot restart browser, only setting page was opening :( . I had to uninstall / reinstall Well…. Not bad for a brand new browser :) I will not use it as my main browser yet. But for sure, I find it well born, and will continue to test till what” is missing to me” will be available… and transform it as my main browser :)

  • Looks good so far.

    Apparently CTRL+ENTER doesn't auto-submit with saved passwords.
    Block Content on the right-click menu
    Page Settings on the right-click menu

    Not sure these are on by default in Opera 12 or not. Its been so long since I installed it and set it up I don't remember what I did to it since. All three are things I use constantly. Someone else mentioned a toggle javascript. Mine is disabled by default. When I want it I use page settings to turn it on and set what Opera should allow that site's javascript to do.

  • So if you have saved a login focus the username field and write the first character of your password. It will then autofill

    Or it should prefill and you should only have to click the "login" button

  • Update :

    • Password management : sometimes working on Gmail, sometimes not. Maybe I make trouble, I will try harder. :)
      -About mouse shortcut : solved. Defined in my mouse manager directly.

    Well….. Sync ability and it will become my official browser :cheer:

  • Pretty good for a first TP version of a new browser, hope you can make it better in future!
    Here's my experience and suggestions.

    • Tabs can be on bottom, this is really awesome!

    • I want Smooth Scroll just like Opera 12!!!

    • Other functions still missing for me: Fill the form, Sync (Speed Dial+Bookmarks), Import Bookmarks

    • I'm Chinese, hope can find Chinese language in coming releases.

    • UI: Hope I can find this option in setting: "Disable tab bar's top spacing when browser window is maximized"

  • @Kamarade:

    • I closed browser with setting page still open. I cannot restart browser, only setting page was opening :( . I had to uninstall / reinstall

    Looks at Setting page as at normal browser window with non standard content. Just press Ctrl-N, to open normal window, and close Setting page before next restart :)

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