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  • I just discovered Vivaldi, & I LOVE how the browser's interface looks. The only thing that keeps me from using it, is the inability to load unsafe scripts unlike Chrome, or Firefox. If anyone knows a way to load unsafe scripts, please inform me, as well as others who might have the same inquiry. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • What do you mean by unsafe script? Do you mean a site that is automatically blocked by the browser?
    If so, could you give us an example site? Thanks…. 🙂

  • Usually you can simply drag the script you want in the extension page to be loaded.

    If you mean extended use of userscripts/javascript, you should look for the right extension for chrome: stylish (.css) or tampermonkey (.js) usually…
    But only the ones which use its code to modify a specific website or call a function (some simple script can also work)
    The ones for tweak the UI (interface), won't work as they are specific for a given browser.

  • When I say Vivaldi can't load unsafe scripts, I'm saying that in Chrome & Firefox, it's a shield in the upper right hand corner of the address bar, that allows you to click it to load unsafe scripts i.e. audio or video content. I'm trying to load audio & video content, that isn't initially loaded on webpage, unless you allow "unsafe" content to be loaded.

    I don't know how to do this in Vivaldi, unlike Chrome or Firefox which has the shield in the address bar that allows you to load this content.

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    Do you have a page with such "unsafe scripts" content?

  • Yes, I have a webpage that I visit frequently, & it has audio & video content that can only be loaded through allowing "unsafe" scripts.

  • Hi,

    I guess question is, if you can provide specific example of this page = link, to check it out?

    I know that vivaldi has not implemented/displayed asking for enabling JavaScript like you can use in Chromium. So I'm not sure what exactly is the problem, but you can try to allow script here:

    Open link:


    Then navigate to: Content settings… \ JavaScript \ Manage exceptions...
    Then allow unsafe site.

    But be really sure what you're doing! Because I think there is reason to mark script as unsafe, you know.

  • I've added a snapshot of the shield icon that's in the address bar of Chrome & Firefox.

    It's the shield icon that says unsafe elements. That's it appearance, & how it appears in Chrome & Firefox. Would love to know if Vivaldi has a way of showing this icon, so the user can click on it to load "unsafe" scripts that would load elements that's initially blocked before.

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    please my dear, we need a URL to test.

  • Sorry, It's a site that's hosted by wordpress, www.tommysotomayor.com. The site loads with a shield icon in the address bar in Chrome & Firefox.

  • Strange, here seems to be loaded correctly even without any additional script…
    It's a particular section that need them?
    Firefox x64 here doesn't ask for scripts but chrome does. (but page works also if you not enable them).
    However, if the site is fully working also without them, you probably should not allow them or try the method explained above

  • There is a livestream & blogtalkradio video & audio content that's supposed to be embedded on the site. But you can't load it, unless you allow "unsafe" content to be loaded. Again, Chrome & Firefox have this option, with the security shield icon in the address bar. I'm just wondering, does Vivaldi have a way to get the shield icon onto their address bar.

    Another poster, from last year, asked the same question about loading unsafe scripts. Here is a link to his inquiry

    Again, I LOVE Vivaldi interface, & the browser is looks & operates so cool. But not being able to load "unsafe" scripts or whatever, keeps me from adapting it to my default browser, or even using it. Again, I hope the developers enable this feature for users as soon as possible. I understand, that it may be deem "unsafe" but let the USER decide, & just give them the option to load the script onto their browser or not.

  • Post direct link with page which uses embedded audio/video via javascript.
    I don't see/hear any content of that type with unsafe scripts loaded even in chrome.
    Are you on x32 or x64 chrome/vivaldi?

  • Hi,

    so after some test, as I can see this, there's no way to enable this kind of scripts. Not even using Content Setting. Problem is that this is internal Chromium feature. It blocks this scripts, with option to enable it in Chromium using shield icon. But as Vivaldi has not such feature implemented, it's simply blocked internally. Even extensions like uMatrix can't see/enable such scripts as far as it's blocked internally.

    So for now it's regular suggestion to implement such feature. Even make it better like it's in Chromium, as far as it's only able to enable this manually on every page visit. To make it remember setting.

    But then is here argument about security. From this point, page that uses such script is just non-secure. So I see main problem in page itself. And every user should be really sure what is he doing by enabling this scripts! Still it won't change fact, that this should be part of Vivaldi.

    Also as I checked mentioned site http://www.tommysotomayor.com/ that will redirect to https://sotomayortv.com/, I can't see what is not working even without these unsafe scripts? So please use some specific example of page part or element, just something that is not working in Vivaldi. Because by simple compare of Chromium with loaded unsafe scripts vs Vivaldi, I just can't see problem.


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