Feature Request - Chromium Syncing

  • Chrome has been my go-to browser for years at this point, and I have my bookmarks, passwords, extensions, etc. synced between four or five computers. Since Vivaldi is based on Chromium, how difficult would it be to add syncing to a Google account? The fact that I'd be able to use Vivaldi on my personal computers and Google Chrome in environments where I can't control my browser choice would be amazing. If this is already a thing, please forgive me as I couldn't find any options for this.

  • I hope Vivaldi will have its own sync option - just like Opera and Firefox - soon, the feature you are requesting would lead me to uninstall Vivaldi.
    There is a browser that I like a lot out there with a feature like the one you are requesting - Slimjet - and that's the reason why I don't use it.
    Different user, different point of view of course, but if a company plans to provide an internet environment like Vivaldi is doing - email, blog, browser et cetera - than it needs to have its own sync servers.

  • Both of your requests, with some clever implementation, can coexist. Vivaldi sync servers as default and chrome/firefox… as secondary options.


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