Feature requests

  • Hi, I have used a lot of browsers and continue to looking for perfect browser. May be your browser can become a perfect browser for me. I have few FRs which I am sure will improve your browser. My FRs are based on features I like in another browsers, basically it is Maxthon and Opera browser. I don't like to install a lot of plugins, I like browsers which works good from the box. Maxthon and Opera are such browsers. So lets start! [b]Synchronization[/b] Most of as have few PCs/Mobiles devices and want to synch speed dial and bookmarks across all devices. Currently you doesn't support it. Technically I can suggest you to use AZURE service to realize it. [b]Speed Dial[/b] Your speed dial is good but some improvement can make it better. I very like the speed dial of Opera browser. It has good design and functionality. I would to see in your browser following: - Folder creation by drag and drop sites icons one another like opera has - Folder content icons like opera has - http://pix.my/lbVpqUKV By the way your speed dial categories is great. it would be nice to synch those categories across all devices so each device will has his own category but you can navigate from category to category on any device. [b]Drag and drop links/images to open in new tab[/b] Maxthon has a great feature of links drag an drop. You can catch any link or image on the page and drag & drop it a little to the side. It will open new tab with the link content. This is very useful and comfortable feature. I like to open a page (for example news site), quickly drag to open all interesting content and then start to read. You don't need to drug a link to tabs area, simply drag a little to the side and it will open new tab. [b]Video browser popup[/b] Maxthon has a awesome feature to popup video player / flash content and make it on top. It is awesome. I can open video, put it anywhere on screen, continue to work. Here is small example: http://pix.my/bz1nL35K [b]Sidebar sites[/b] It is great feature of your browser. In another browser you need to install additional plugins - don't like this. It would be nice to add option for autorefresh timer. Content of the sidebar site doesn't refresh. Autorefresh shouldn't occur automatically. It should be controlled by user. Enough for the begging 🙂

  • I'm not sure about the rest, but account sync is coming soon, so stay tuned! 😉


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