Override Speed Dial with another New Tab extension?

  • Hey guys, love the Vivaldi browser, because it's very power-user focused. However, for a power user tool, I find the new tab functionality surprisingly lacking. I would like to transition from Chrome to Vivaldi, but currently the only thing that's preventing me, is an extension called [url=https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/humble-new-tab-page/mfgdmpfihlmdekaclngibpjhdebndhdj?hl=en]Humble New Tab Page[/url], This extension allows you to build up lists of your favorite sites, similar to speed dial, but in columns, displaying their favicons instead of thumbnails of the web pages. This takes great advantage of limited screen real estate, allowing you to have north of 100 links visible on your new tab page, depending on your resolution. I find this to be great functionality since I'm not interested in seeing the thumbnail of each page, which occupies 220x180 pixels, and isn't automatically refreshed anyway. In that space, I could fit 5-6 links as part of a vertical column (I am aware you can add more folders in the speed dial screen). The problem is that after installing the Humble New Tab Page extension, and opening the new tab, Vivaldi's speed dial still persists (Chrome allows you to replace the default new tab page with an extension). Is there any way at all to override this behavior, and if not, could we hope for a feature in the future, where you could perhaps view the bookmarks in the default Vivaldi speed dial page as a list in columns, instead of thumbnails? Thank you in advance!

  • Thank you sir! You rock.


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