Any link in a page is slow to open, and double click minimizes?

  • So I've been trying Vivaldi for a couple of days now, so far so good! The only two things i have noticed and kind of annoy me are: 1) When i double click the screen to maximized/minimizeda video (e.g. Netflix), sometimes, not always, the whole browser window is also maximized/minimized? ????????? 2) When i click a link on any page, even if a open a new tab from it, it takes the browser like 1 second where i don't see any kind of progress whatsoever... i mean nothing tells me that the link was successfully clicked... then after that weird second i see the progress load in the tab and address bar... Has anyone else run into this? Btw, i'm running Vivaldi on Windows 10 Pro and i have plenty of RAM and CPU. Thanks!

  • I also get the second issue.
    Sometimes it takes about 1-2 seconds until a clicked link starts to load. Very annoying.. 😕


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