Stronger Visual Separation of Browser from Webpage needed

  • Most web pages are white, black, and gray. And so when browser is also white, black, and gray I can't easily tell where the web page ends and the browser begins. This is why I'm still using Opera Classic. I've tried to use Vivaldi but the separation between the interface and the webpage is vague. Just a very thin light gray line that is not enough of a visual clue. And so my eyes get very tired very quickly, and I have to switch back to Classic Opera. Or even Firefox, even though it is mostly gray. But what Firefox does is separate the interface from the web page with a a thin dark line, instead of a vague line. This seems to be enough. So I my request is that in the "light" interface, make the dividing lines darker where the interface is adjacent to the web page. Firefox uses #404040 for the thin line on the panel edge where it touches the webpage, and #808080 along the upper interface where it meets the web page. Could you please make your lines at least as dark as this. I know this might sound nit-picky, but some of us have trouble with low-contrast separators.

  • I checked back here and discovered 1.4. The problems I mentioned above are solved. The contrast feature allows me to make the lines darker, and the option to modify colors allowed me to increase the visual distinction between browser and webpage

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