Ads opens in and more weird behaviours.

  • Hi, i'm running the latest Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 snapshot (with all my extensions disabled) and sometimes when I try to click on something on a webpage, it opens up a new tab with some ad for some shit (like clean your mac for example), and changes the tab I was in to an ad. Since I don't have any extensions enabled I find that very weird. I can't seem to see any patterns in when it happens, it just happens sometimes. Also, sometimes when I try to search for something in the adressbar, it just refreshes the page I was on, causing me to have to search for it again. It always works the second time though. What is the cause of this? My extensions shouldn't be able to do anything, since they are all disabled. It also started happening suddenly, I didn't install a new extension or anything, which leads me to believe that it's a bug or something. Should I uninstall all my extensions?

  • Looks like your computer got virus (or something like that). You can install AdwCleaner or any other program that removes these ads.

  • It only happens in Vivaldi though, which is why I find it weird.


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