Icon-Refresh when loading Vivaldi/saved Usernames

  • Hi, my first post :) (sorry, I'm no native to english, pls. forgive any typos etc) Everytime i start Vivaldi, Windows 7 Pro 64bit is refreshing the Desktop (reloading all the Icons on it); this happens when I start the browser, or when i open Tools... Everything within Tab-Part (including the Tab itself) works fine... Does anyone have an idea what option causes this? Running Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 with ulead and ghostery-plugin... Also: I don't save passwords, but Vivaldi keeps to remember Username-Entries... Is there a way to disable this behaviour? Thanks for your help mike

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    On the first question - don't know.

    On the second question, chrome://settings/search#pass

  • Thanks, Setting-Thing worked :-)
    (think this option is missing in the Preferences-Windows, have seen I'm not the only one asking for that)

    Found out why the Icons were reloaded:
    I'm using "Fences", a programm imitating the "transparent folders" from KDE on Windows…

    An installation on a Windows-System without Fences didn't show the mentioned behaviour with the icons...

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