Tab freezing

  • Hello, I'm using Vivaldi since version 1.0 and I'm quite happy about the little thing we know from Opera - for example the fast backward function... Unfortunately there's a problem when visiting one special website and it's a website I'm using frequently: When loading any page of that website it happens that the browser tab containing that page freezes. It seems that this never happens when loading the first time in a session. But it happens frequently when loading some subpage later - it also happens when loading the main page later. It also not alway happens. There are chances that you can browse on for hours without a problem. But most likely the issue occurs within the first 5 minutes. When is happens you cannot reload the tab - because the button doesn't react. But you can close the tab. When then trying to load any subpage of again it won't finish loading and freeze again. The vivaldi-Taskmanager tells that the gpsies tab consumes about 100% of CPU time. So far I didn't find another website where this issue occurs. But I can tell that works well in Firefox for example... Any ideas what could be broken here? Best regards, Lucas


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