How do you set Vivaldi as the default browser in Win10?

  • I've tried going through Vivaldi's Settings>Startup>Set as Default, which brought me to the Windows Settings>System>Default Apps (where I had tried previously to set it as the default), but when I click on the "Web Browser" selector, it doesn't have Vivaldi on the list. I then tried the "Set defaults by app" option at the bottom of the Default Apps window, and again, Vivaldi did not appear on the list of programs that I could set as defaults for things. As the subject states, I am on Windows 10. Any ideas on how to set Vivaldi as the default browser?

  • On your windows search bar / Cortana, type in default programs and you'll be able to choose select which browser you want to set as your default.

  • As I said in the original post, I have tried that, but Vivaldi does not show up as a possibility to set as a default

  • It does unless you are using a standalone install


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