Questionable behavior in tab stack tiling

  • When a tab stack is tiled and I open a link in new tab (ctrl-click), the page opened is not tiled with the others. Would it not ber better to add the new tab to the page tiling? Or at least give the possibility to choose the behavior of the browser?

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    There is an option: Settings, Tabs, Tab Features, Open Tabs in Current Tab-stack.

  • Thank you for the information, I didn't know it. But what I meant to say was that when the browser displays two or more tabs side by side (tab tiling) and I open a new tab (with ctrl + click on a link or ctrl + t), this new tab is not displayed together with the previous tabs: the previous tabs remain side by side without the new tab. I don't know if I got it across.

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    I understand now after re-reading your post.

    I guess it depends on your work flow, but with the current limitations of tiling I don't think the current behaviour is wrong, and it's not easy to decide how five tabs should be tiled when you have four tiled already.

    What you want can be done quite easily, but in two stages: Untile tab-stack, then Tile tab-stack, but again, the arrangement of the tiles may not be what you want.

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