[feature request] Import / Export Notes option.

  • The notes are great feature that this browser have! I love them and i love to use them! I have more than 40 now! But there is one problem. I can't export them 😕 ( or i dont cnow how ). It will be great if i can export or import my notes into HTML, TXT or some other format that i can import in feature. It will be great also if there is a that kind of option to be only for notes, not for all bookmars and notes combine, only for notes ( if there is no option to seperate bookmars and notes i will get that feature too ). Its important that i can open that file without need of having vivaldi browser so when somthing happend with the browser or OS to have ability to read notes 🙂

  • I too need to be able to EXPORT Notes. Without that feature, there is NO reason for me to use Vivaldi over Chrome. However, were that feature added, Vivaldi would be my default browser. Others also have stated a need to export Notes, but so far the Vivaldi team has been unresponsive. That's sad!

  • "%localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Notes"
    it's a simple text file, a normal text editor is needed to merge the contents of 2 notes. 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team


    Great that you like notes! I would just like to add that notes will be synced when we introduce full sync in Vivaldi. That is high up on our feature list so it's not too far away.

    //Christian - Vivaldi Technologies

  • I am trying to take "Notes" from two different installs and combine them so I can start manually syncing between the two clients until V releases that capability.

    I have the 2 files, but it is gibberish to me and I don't know how to combine the initial two files into one. I tried and I dropped the file into place and it just ignored it. So, I must have not had some syntax correct in the paste. I have no idea what I am looking at in the file.

    Can anyone give me a hand or explain how I need to do this?

    BTW keep up the great work! Vivaldi is outstanding and just keeps getting better. I looked for a way to donate some money and couldn't find any, so I went and bought a shirt! I'll be sporting V in public!


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