A bunch of questions/feedback of problems from a quick try of the browser

  • So, based on 10 mins of trying out the browser, I have some questions which would be nice to know how to do if possible, or to see in the future if not :) Tab stacking: Open in current stack - Opening a link shouldn't automatically open a new tab if it's already in a stack of tabs. If you were looking at ebay for example and clicked on 20 products, I'd want them all in the same stack. Consistent shortcuts - I just middle mouse clicked a tab preview to close, and it switched to it instead Tweak bounds - You should be able to hover one tab over another without them switching so early, and disable tab grouping if they've switched. I found myself fiddling about trying to stack 2 tabs then pretty much accidentally stacked the whole tab bar. Move tabs in stack - I literally can't figure out how to get a tab out of a stack, dragging doesn't do anything. Option to remove previews of a stack. I think a second tab bar linked to a tab would be perfect, I'm not bothered about previews of pages Using ctrl+shift+t to reopen a closed tab doesn't restore it in the same position. Page tiling is nice, but obviously not set up for big tab stacks Search Bar: Any way of getting the google search suggestions? It only works with history and bookmarks. The "w search wikipedia" stuff is nice, I had that on firefox before I stopped using it Other: Dragging a html file to the tab bar should open it Quite funnily, I blocked all images on twitter, and scrolling down I was greeted with a lot of auto-playing videos instead Mouse gestures are great, but why no editing? There may be more stuff to come, but these are my initial impressions. I love the idea of tab stacking but I'm not a fan of how it's done here :p

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    • Open in current stack: Settings, Tabs, Tab Features, Open in current stack
    • Consistent Shortcuts: Middle-mouse click closes a Tab with preview for me.
    • Tweak Bounds: Good enough for me. I think you will get used to it if you use the browser for a while, but people do have different needs, so an option for sensitivity may be needed.
    • Remove Tab from Stack: Right-click menu on the tab
    • Tab Previews: Settings, Tabs, Tab Display, Show Popup Previews
    • Restore Tab: Doesn't reopen inside a tab stack, but otherwise it does reopen in the same position
    • Page Tiling: It's never going to work for lots of tabs, but several have requested resizing of tiles, which would help.
    • Dragging HTML Page: Drop it on the tab to open it
    • Mouse Gesture Editing: A high priority for me. I hope it comes soon, but it is early days yet.
    • Tab Stacking: Also room for improvements here.


  • Thanks a bunch for the reply, though you seem to be having a different experience to me in some cases ;P

    1. That option doesn't appear for me, under Tab Features, there is Tab Cycling with 5 options, Tab Stacking with 1 option, and Pinned Tabs with 2 options.
    2. Tried again and definitely doesn't close it for me
    3. Yeah I more meant as a per user basis, with how I'd personally like it to be :) I'd definitely get used to it eventually, but it's not good when you mess it all up to start with haha
    5. I saw that before, but it stops the stacks showing entirely, I just want to save a bit of space by having the details but not the previews
    6. Dragging and dropping still isn't doing anything for me, whether it's on a tab or at the side of one

    Also quite odd behaviour, I opened the reply box as a link so I could check back to your post. I have it set to "cycle in tab order", so that it acts like firefox and chrome with ctrl+tab and ctrl+shift+tab for navigating between tabs.
    However, since this page didn't open in the stack, and the original page was in a stack, now the order goes tab1.0 (forum post) -> tab2 (reply) -> tab1.1 -> tab1.2 -> tab3 -> tab4 etc, so the tab order thing still seems a bit broken :P

    With the tabs improved and google search suggestions when you type in the URL bar, I'd (probably) definitely move over for good :)

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    1. It's best to keep up with the latest snapshot to get the most recent improvements (and to help find new bugs).



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